Gary Paulsen Time Benders(World of Adventure #14)-时光弯曲者

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Gary Paulsen Time Benders(World of Adventure #14)-时光弯曲者

作者:Gary Paulsen

标题:Time Benders(World of Adventure #14)《时光弯曲者》

简介:Super-brain Zack Griffin and hoops fan Jeff Brown wouldn't normally hang together. But when both boys win trips to a famous science laboratory, they find out they do have one thing in common: curiosity. They discover that one of the machines in the lab can "bend" time--and Jeff and Zack end up in 1334 B.C. Egypt! There's a plot afoot to kill King Tutankhamen, and the Time Benders have to decide if they should they save the Pharaoh or just leave well enough alone. 

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