Gary Paulsen The Voyage of the Frog-青蛙的航行

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Gary Paulsen The Voyage of the Frog-青蛙的航行

作者:Gary Paulsen

标题:The Voyage of the Frog《青蛙的航行》 

简介:Slowly, David opened his eyes and looked around the horizon, wincing again with the new movement. There was nothing sticking above the water as far as he could see. He was alone.

Fourteen-year-old David Alspeth intended only to fulfill his uncle's last wish when he set sail in the Frog, but when a savage storm slams the tiny sailboat, David is stranded. No wind. No radio. Little water. Seven cans of food. And the storm is just the first challenge David must face... An American Association Best Book for Young Adults

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