Gary Paulsen Tucket's Home(The Tucket Adventures #5)-Tucket的家

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Gary Paulsen Tucket's Home(The Tucket Adventures #5)-Tucket的家

作者:Gary Paulsen

标题:Tucket's Home(The Tucket Adventures #5)《Tucket的家》

简介:Francis Tucket, Lottie and Billy have survived extraordinary, hair-raising adventures in their quest to find Francis's family, lost when he was kidnapped from a wagon train on the Oregon Trail. Now they meet up with a British explorer, bloodthirsty soldiers, and in a tragic, heroic encounter, with Jason Grimes, the mountain man. Their way is made more treacherous still by the secret they carry, the ancient gold they discovered in a Spanish grave. In this final adventure they head home at last, and an epilogue tells what happens to them on the Oregon frontier.

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