Vonda N. McIntyre The Starfarers Quartet(Starfarers #1-4)-星际四重奏

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Vonda N. McIntyre The Starfarers Quartet(Starfarers #1-4)-星际四重奏

作者:Vonda N. McIntyre

书名:The Starfarers Quartet(Starfarers #1-4)《星际四重奏》

简介:An Omnibus version of the four novels : Starfarers, Transition, Metaphase and Nautilus

The starship Starfarer is poised for our first voyage to another star system. The Alien Contact Team — physicist Victoria Fraser MacKenzie, geneticist Stephen Thomas Gregory, geographer Satoshi Lono, and alien contact specialist J.D. Sauvage — and the rest of the faculty and staff prepare for humanity’s most ambitious exploratory expedition.

But the world has changed. A new regime orders the vessel to be abandoned. It will be turned into an instrument of war.

What do the Starfarers do?

They do what any red-blooded Alien Contact Team would do.

They steal the starship.

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