P.D. James Original Sin(Adam Dalgliesh #9)-原罪

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P.D. James Original Sin(Adam Dalgliesh #9)-原罪

作者:P.D. James

书名:Original Sin(Adam Dalgliesh #9)《原罪》

简介:The literary world is shaken when a murder takes place at the Peverell Press, an old-established publishing house located in a dramatic mock-Venetian palace on the Thames.

The victim is Gerard Etienne, the brilliant new managing director whose ruthless ambition has made him many enemies: a discarded mistress, a rejected and humiliated author and rebellious colleagues. Adam Dalgliesh and his team are confronted with a puzzle of extraordinary complexity and a killer who is prepared to strike again.

Listening Length: 15 hours and 20 minutes

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