Raphael Patai Gates to the Old City-通往老城的大门

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Raphael Patai Gates to the Old City-通往老城的大门

作者:Raphael Patai

书名:Gates to the Old City《通往老城的大门》

简介:Gates to the Old City is a splendid introduction to the vast storehouse of ancient legend literature known as the Agada - the rich heritage that supports Jewish culture. It contains selection from the seven main streams of Jewish literature: the Bible, the Apocrypha, the Talmud, the Midrash, the Kabbalah, folklore, and Hasidism. Expert background notes by the editor illuminate each chapter.

Some parts of the Agada are myths; others are folktales, parables, or animal fables. Yet it explores astronomy and astrology, medicine and magic, theosophy and mysticism, angelology and demonology - and filled with dazzling word plays, terse maxims, hyperboles, and other ingenious utilizations of the Hebrew alphabet and its numerical values.

Here in one volume are lyrics of hope and words of power from the imaginative literature that inspires a great and ancient people.

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